Photos by Matthias Heidrich.

Born in Chicago, I grew up with a normal childhood with a great loving family. However for as long as I can remember, communication has always been a challenge for me. I was born with a speech deficiency, and my communication skills were not as developed as my fellow classmates. With hard work, I was able to overcome this challenge. When I was young, I found a method that helped my communication. This method was the use of visuals. This not only included body language, but more importantly visual media. It was later in my life that I wanted to use visuals in any work I do. As I have learned in my photography classes, photographs allow us to transcend through space and time. They can convey information and can impact what the viewers sees. I use my skills in filming, editing photography to impact those who see my work.

Attended Hinsdale Central high school for four years and graduated in 2011. During my high school years, I spent a majority of my time being involved in extracurricular activities in and out of the school. One of the major extracurricular activities was working for the school's yearbook, the El Diablo.

fter I graduated from Hinsdale Central High School, I was fortunate to be accepted at Ithaca College. The college's Roy H. Park School of Communication has been considered to be one of the top comminication schools in the country. I was enrolled into their Documentary Studies & Productions degree, which was new and unique degree to have. My study concentration included, film, journalism, and the media industry.

With the various knowledge and experiences I gained as a Doc Studies major, there are a lot of options that are open to me. I've learned so many things to help me out in the industry. I know how to use editing programs like Final Cut Pro and Photoshop. I am not sure what I may exactly do, but I do hope to become successful and make a huge impact in the media industry.

Currently, I work for NBC Universal's Grip & Lighting Warehouse at the Cinespace Chicago Film Studios. My role is to manage the warehouse and provide equipment for the crews for Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, & Chicago Med.

While I have my current job at NBC, I do freelance work through out the city of Chicago. These gigs range from photographing headshots for a friend, being a production assistant for a short film, filming high school football games, filming a news event for the Associated Press, and much more. Each gig provides a new experience for me and prepares me for the next project.Representation

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