Inspirational Quote - 1/22/18 by Erik Jaworski

To help mix up and add more content to the blog, I thought it would be great to add some inspirational quotes about photography. These will be quotes that I personally connect to and are true about photography. These quotes will also be accompanied by a photo either by the person or relates to the quote’s content. Hope you enjoy. 


“Wherever there is light, one can photograph.” - Andri Cauldwell

Con Alt Delete Summary by Erik Jaworski

My last con for 2018, Con Alt Delete. This was my first time attending Con Alt Delete, so I didn’t know what to expect. I tried to attend this con last year, but I was so busy with the holiday season. Not to mention there was only had 1 unpaid shoot planned, so it didn’t seem worth the trouble to attend that one day. However this year, I attended all 3 days, and was pretty booked the entire weekend. My total number was 15 shoots, and 8 of them were Christmas themed.

At first, I was worried about the weather. I never shoot at a con during winter since C2E2. I was my sure if we were going to get cold temperatures and snowstorms. However there were clear skies and the temperature was at a comfortable 40 degree weather. Most of my shoots were comfortable shooting outside, but there were some cosplays not suitable for the cool outdoor weather. 

Another challenge I found was not only finding different inside locations, but also trying to find different Christmas locations. The Hyatt didn’t provide any Christmas decorations, and I didn’t want to use a normal location for these holiday shoots. There was a good Christmas setup at Rosemont Convention Center entrance. It had Christmas trees, lighted water fountains, and nice red/green lighting. So I used this location for my Christmas shoots  

Overall, it was a successful weekend. Considering it was a ‘small’ con, there was a lot of activity and great cosplays. Photos from the lobby are listed below. Can’t wait to see what new and old clients I’ll have at Con Alt Delete next year.

Since this is my first con summary post, I thought it would be good to include some interesting stats that I’ve pulled up during the con.  

Con Alt Delete Stats

- Days: 3

- Photoshoots: 15 (8 Xmas Themed) 

  • Photoshoot Time: 405 Minutes

- Photos Taken: 2,192 Photos

  • Photos Narrowed: 670 Photos

  • Photo Requested: 146 Photo

- Steps Walked: 36,443 Steps

Photo Update: Newt Scamander Cosplay Studio Shoot by Erik Jaworski

Sorry for the long wait. I’ve been busy with work, photo shoots, and a lot more exciting things planned for the future. 

With the recent release of Fantastic Beast: Crimes of Grindelwald, Nick reached out to me to do a cosplay studio shoot of his updated Newt Scamander cosplay. This is actually my second shoot with Nick in his Newt cosplay, which was at C2E2 this past year. It’s interesting how much his cosplay has improved since C2E2; with a new coat, new beasts, and even makeup to give more character.  As great as the shoot was, a studio shoot can only give you so much diversity in photos. In the future, it would be nice to shoot a Newt cosplay around the historic parts of downtown Chicago.

Also to add, this was also my first photo shoot using my new Pixel Tubes from Astera. These items are 3 foot LED tubes that This light was demoed at my workplace, and thought of getting a few for my studio. They were not as powerful as I hoped to change the color on the backdrop. However, they were nice to have for additional colors and more lighting on the subject.

Photo: Erik Jaworski  

Cosplayer: Nick C. 

Location:  The Shark’s Den

What Do You Want To See? by Erik Jaworski

Hey Everyone,

Sorry it’s been a while since I last posted on my blog. Been busy the past couple months with work, conventions, football games, photoshoots, and just life. Hopefully when things calm down, I’ll be more attentive to this new blog.

So while I’ve been busy with my freelance work, I’ve been trying to think on what I should post/write about. There’s a been few ideas that have been running through my head. I can write about myself, my photo studio, advice/recommendations, and maybe give my personal thoughts on certain subjects/topics. These topics can range from photo subjects like headshot, cosplay, and boudoir to questions like watermarks, photo ownership, release forms, etc. These posts will most likely be short essays and not frequently posted  

Along with those deep thinking and/or opinion posts, I can post updates on photo projects that I’ve been working on. Not only will I post a few photos, but I can give a quick description on the photoshoot and provide a Facebook link to view more photos. These posts will definitely be more frequent than the long written posts and easier to write about  I just need to remember to post about it once I’ve finished editing the photos  

Now I think it’s important to reach out to my audience to see what you guys like to see. Do you want to see more written topics on photography or get updates on my photo work? If there’s anything you’d want me to post or write about, please leave a comment below or message me your ideas. Thanks very much and have a great day!

Erik J

Introductions by Erik Jaworski

Hello Everyone. Welcome to my blog.

On this blog, you’ll not only get detailed updates and reports on my shoots but also advice for novice photographers & thoughts on certain discussions. If there’s any topic you wish for me to discuss, please leave a comment below  

Now it’s been a while since I managed a blog. Since I’m no longer a college student with free time, I’m not sure how often I’ll post to my blog. It could be daily, weekly, or by photo gig. No matter what, I’ll do my best to entertain and inform my readers. 

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy future posts.