What Do You Want To See?

Hey Everyone,

Sorry it’s been a while since I last posted on my blog. Been busy the past couple months with work, conventions, football games, photoshoots, and just life. Hopefully when things calm down, I’ll be more attentive to this new blog.

So while I’ve been busy with my freelance work, I’ve been trying to think on what I should post/write about. There’s a been few ideas that have been running through my head. I can write about myself, my photo studio, advice/recommendations, and maybe give my personal thoughts on certain subjects/topics. These topics can range from photo subjects like headshot, cosplay, and boudoir to questions like watermarks, photo ownership, release forms, etc. These posts will most likely be short essays and not frequently posted  

Along with those deep thinking and/or opinion posts, I can post updates on photo projects that I’ve been working on. Not only will I post a few photos, but I can give a quick description on the photoshoot and provide a Facebook link to view more photos. These posts will definitely be more frequent than the long written posts and easier to write about  I just need to remember to post about it once I’ve finished editing the photos  

Now I think it’s important to reach out to my audience to see what you guys like to see. Do you want to see more written topics on photography or get updates on my photo work? If there’s anything you’d want me to post or write about, please leave a comment below or message me your ideas. Thanks very much and have a great day!

Erik J