Japan Trip 2019

Last month, I took a much needed vacation with my friend to Japan. For 10 days, we traveled all around the country, from Tokyo to Kanazawa to Osaka to Kyoto. It was indeed a big culture shock, from seeing ancient temples older than the United States to the neon futuristic night life.

As exhausting as the trip was, it’s great to be back home safely. Now that I’ve caught up with work, I’ve been busy editing photos from my trip and inspired to try new shoots. Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.

Vacation Trip: Japan

じゃあまたシカゴ (See Ya Chicago)

Off to Japan

Taking a much needed vacation in Japan for a while. Visiting Tokyo, Kanazawa, Osaka, & Kyoto.

Expect lots of great photos of my adventures.                          See you in two weeks.

I’ll try my best to post updates of my trip.

こんにちは日本 (Hello Japan)

The Shark’s Den Photo Studio Setup

Around this time last year, my roommate moved out of the Shark’s Den. To make use of the space, I decided to make my own home studio after my roommate moved out. Though the space is small in 10’x10’ room, it has been a great investment. It has provided a great space to do so many different kinds of photo shoots. Even during these cold winter days, it’s been great to be able shoot in the comfortable and controlled environment of my studio. Not to mention, it keeps my photo prices reasonable for clients since I don’t have to deal with renting out a studio space. Overall, it’s been a wonderful addition to my photography business

Now recently, a lot of people have been asking about my studio and lighting setup. Like where I got my gear or how do I set up my lights. So I thought this would be a good subject to talk about on this blog. The reason why is because my studio setup is very unconventional compared to other photographers. It has a lot of lighting equipment that’s used for television and film. However, I’ve been able to make this equipment work. So it’ll be good to show and explain all the equipment I use to take amazing shoots. 


Colt LED Tubes

These 8’ LED tubes are my key lighting for my studio shoot. Since my studio is tight in space, they are perfect powerful lights that I have lined up along my walls. These tubes also easily switch between daylight and tungsten color temperatures. With a dimmer attached, I can easily adjust the tubes brightness. Without them, I wouldn’t be to take simple portrait.

Cineo 410

This is my key fill light for my background color. This is an exclusive light from my workplace, and I’m fortunate to be able to rent it for shoots. It has full RGB color ranges to work with. As you can see, the light is very powerful even from shooting from that one side. The light can be harsh on the subject, but I can still adjust the settings. So no matter the subject or cosplay, I can make a great color palette,

Astera Pixel LED Tubes  

The most recent additions to the studio are my Aster Pixel LED Tubes. These lights are used to help add color or light up the subject. Unlike the Quasar tubes, these tubes have a full range of colors. Since they are more commonly used for TV shows and events, they have different lighting presets for scenes, like fire, winter, rainbow, and more. Another good note is that these lights are portable battery powered. I can easily move the tubes around the studio and even take them to locations without worrying about power outlets. Astera just released a new powerful version of these tubes, and I’m definitely planning on getting them for my studio in the future.

Though this equipment may be crude and abstract, it’s produced my most stunning studio work. Not to mention helped me save some expenses with some of the equipment coming from my workplace. However, I don’t expect to have this setup forever. With each new project, I’m finding out new techniques and adding new equipment to my inventory. At the moment, this equipment helps get the job done and even more!

Unexpected Inactivity on the JAWS Blog

Sorry for the long silence on the blog. Not only was I busy these past couple months with cons and work, but the Squarespace Blog app has been giving me trouble. It was never reliable and could never upload photos to the posts. As I kept having trouble make a blog post, I just got frustrated i couldn’t make posts on my tablet. With my laptop being my only way to post blogs, I just decided to keep my focus on my photo projects more than blogging on my computer.

Thankfully, Square recently updated their apps and it’s now more easy and user friendly to post on your site. With a lot of big things happening in my photo business, it’s great that I can get back into blogging

Sorry again for the long inactivity. Thank You for your patience. I’m glad to finally post to this blog with ease.

Inspirational Quote - 1/22/18

To help mix up and add more content to the blog, I thought it would be great to add some inspirational quotes about photography. These will be quotes that I personally connect to and are true about photography. These quotes will also be accompanied by a photo either by the person or relates to the quote’s content. Hope you enjoy. 


“Wherever there is light, one can photograph.” - Andri Cauldwell


Hello Everyone. Welcome to my blog.

On this blog, you’ll not only get detailed updates and reports on my shoots but also advice for novice photographers & thoughts on certain discussions. If there’s any topic you wish for me to discuss, please leave a comment below  

Now it’s been a while since I managed a blog. Since I’m no longer a college student with free time, I’m not sure how often I’ll post to my blog. It could be daily, weekly, or by photo gig. No matter what, I’ll do my best to entertain and inform my readers. 

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy future posts.