Though I primarily focus on photography, I do have experience in videography. This page helps highlight some of the video projects that I’ve worked on over the years. Some protects range from simple footballs to compelling documentary. If you need help with a film project, please contact me. Enjoy

The Provider

Abortion clinics in Texas are disappearing exponentially and healthcare providers are feeling the brunt. The Provider follows the story of abortion provider Dr. Shannon Carr who travels every week from New Mexico to Dallas in order to perform abortions despite restrictive laws and threats to her safety. 

This film was probably my most significant/favorite to work on. It started out as a thesis film that continued after graduation My main role for the film was editor, technical advisor, and assistant camera. The film has appeared at mutliple festivals, like SXSW, NFFTY, NYC Independent, and much more. The film even won a few awards, like a Student Emmy at the College Television awards and Best Documentary at the Visions Festival.

I.C. Hex - The Ithaca Community Quidditch Team

At Ithaca College, a group of students organize and play Quidditch, a sport based off of the Harry Potter book. They are called Ithaca College Community Quidditch Team. Not only do they compete with other teams in the area, but they attempt to get recognition from their school and try to become an official college team.

This film was made as a final project for my nonfiction class. The subject was a bit personal to me since I was a member of the Quidditch team. We've competed in a few tournaments and even attended the Quidditch World Cup in New York City. So I wanted to make a documentary that told the team's story and their struggle to be a recognized by our college. Since I was part of the Quidditch team, I had easy access to team members and the tournaments. With the help of a fellow classmate, we were able to get footage and edit our documentary that won 'Best in Show'.

Home Organic Gardening

Tom Casten is a surburban local farmer in Hinsdale Raised beds provide many well-documented benefits for home gardens. This video documents our recent replacement of nearly rotten cedar frames with a material produced from recycled milk bottles.

This was my first project that I took for my freelance business. The client, Tom, wanted to make a video about home organic gardening. However, he needed some help. So through a friend, Tom Casten hired me to film this project. Not only did I help him by filming the footage, but also structuring the story and message. We were able to create the video and publish it by the following first day of spring.

More Videos to Come!